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You spend a lot of your time cleaning your home, but every now and then you need to give your space extra attention to get those overlooked areas taken care of. If you want to be sure no spot is overlooked, you'll need to hire a local cleaning company that has extensive experience. Choose JT Victory Clean for the job.

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Jeremy was born and raised in the beautiful state of Oregon, where he developed a love for nature and adventure.

When the pandemic hit and he found himself out of work, he decided to hit the road and chase his dream of living the van life.

He started delivering groceries for Instacart as he traveled south through California, New Mexico, and into Texas, where he stopped in Austin for a month. It was there that he met Nova and her 4-year-old daughter Autumn, who were also traveling around the country. They hit it off right away, and Jeremy knew that he had found something special.

The three of them decided to travel together for a year before eventually settling down in an apartment in Waco. It was there that Jeremy and Nova welcomed a daughter named India into the world, and Jeremy knew that he needed to find a way to provide for his family.

Drawing on his previous experience working in cleaning services, he started JT Victory Clean in Liberty Hill, using second-hand supplies he bought at a local pawn shop and cleaning supplies from a discount store. His business quickly grew, and he became known for his attention to detail and excellent customer service.

When he was forced to make the difficult decision to move to Waco and drop clients in Liberty Hill, Jeremy decided to go even further and expand his service areas to include Austin, Cedar Park, Killeen, Temple, Waco, Dallas, and the surrounding areas. He used his previous experience in cleaning to provide top-notch services to his clients, and his business continued to flourish.

As JT Victory Clean continues to grow and expand, Jeremy and Nova have plans to continue traveling again in the future. They believe that their business can be successful even outside of Texas, and they're excited to explore new places while maintaining the high "victory standards" they've put in place.

Jeremy and Nova know that running a successful business requires hard work and dedication, but they're up for the challenge. They hope to inspire others to follow their dreams, just as they did, and show that anything is possible with the right mindset and work ethic.